Invincible as Iron, Agile as the Wind

After the battle with the Aspect of Solkara, Pangu throws himself vigorously into his training.

“Time is short”, Avala had said. Pangu couldn’t help but notice – by the end of the day, she retired haggard and pale. Yet, she pushed.

“You will be even more prepared than I expected. I have high hopes that this World will yet survive.”

So, Pangu trained. “Faster! Faster!” he muttered as he moved, dodging through rocks, trees, the rest of the party. He had wanted to practice skirmishing without Avala dividing herself, and all had agreed. She just seemed too weak, and keeping her alive when the portal opened seemed as important as protecting the World – maybe even more so.

Grognar easily agreed, as did Erishti. They didn’t see these fools as worth saving.

“They once were good people!” Pangu protested weakly – after ten years, the loss of Avala seemed it would be more devastating.

I must be stronger, faster. I must survive. Avala must live!

Pangu threw himself again into the training, struggling to tap more deeply into the Song. He could hear the wind as it whispered past him, faster than him, and he tried to catch up. The Wraith slammed him into the ground.

“Speed will get you nowhere if you can’t keep your feet.”

Pangu grimaced, rose again. Sped into action and this time Vaelan and Wraith surrounded and threw him to the ground. Again!

Pangu moved to attack, breathing more deeply, feeling the song rush through his veins. Abruptly, he felt his armor loosen. He paused, checking the clasps as Vaelan’s next attack descended. The blow landed, sliding him into Wraith’s waiting thrust. At the last second, the wind shifted, swirling Pangu out of the way and dragging Vaelan after him.

Pangu checked the clasps again, amazed that they were still intact, then rolled in a gust of wind beneath a surprise thrust from Grognar. It was as if his armor had disappeared completely, replaced by wind. And stone, he thought as Vaelan’s next blow bounced from his chest. He whipped around, smashing Wraith’s followup aside with his shield, pressing forward to shove him to the ground, then shifting behind Grognar for brutal strike that crumpled him. Pangu’s armor felt not only weightless, but seemed to meld with his body, the scales glittering between the bark of his skin. Vaelan backed away, laughing.

“I think you got it! Good thing he’s already dead.” He gestured at Grognar, who was rising to his feet, eyes gleaming.

“Good thing”, Pangu said ruefully as Grognar disappeared into the shadows with an evil grin.

Invincible as Iron, Agile as the Wind

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