Retholien "The Wraith"

Ioun be pleased, I smite your enemies and heal your devoted


I will get complete stats, powers, etc. up later once I merge them. Also have a couple of powers still to pick, thought I had gotten them all but apparently not. Here are the basics though followed by background, aspects, etc. Please keep in mind I’m not much of a writer (or that creative either) so don’t be expecting much in background, etc. I also tend to ramble and switch topics occasionally so please bear with me.

Retholien, level 10 Githzerai, Avenger, Monk|Cleric, multi-class Divine Protector of Knowledge (House Ruled) Build: Pursuing Avenger Avenger’s Censure: Censure of Pursuit Monastic Tradition (Hybrid): None – fully trained in Healing Word (2 times per encounter) Hybrid Monk: Hybrid Monk Fortitude Hybrid Talent: Unarmored Defense Background: Githzerai – War Band Survivor (+2 to Perception)

STARTING ABILITY SCORES Str 8, Con 10, Dex 17, Int 10, Wis 15, Cha 13.

FINAL ABILITY SCORES Str 8, Con 10, Dex 21, Int 6, Wis 21, Cha 15

(INT and WIS affected by Divine Protector of Knowledge House Rule: -4 INT for +2 WIS)

Retholien “The Wraith”’s appearance:

Wraith wears black vestments that are clean almost to the point of being fanatical. He carries a large two handed wedge of rock crudely carved into the usefulness of a fullblade with an edge both jagged and wickedly sharp. The material seems to be volcanic and alien at the same time and Wraith manages to sling it around as if it weighed nothing despite his overly gaunt, seemingly frail and notably weak looking appearance (even for a Githzerai). Wraith says Ioun guides his hands as he smites the Enemies of Knowledge. Wraith shaves his head to complete baldness and wears a tightly cropped goatee that is graying with age. You’ll see him stroking it frequently as if deep in thought – but those that know him know that this is not likely the case. They know he’s just primping. He also bears many tattoos some easily visible, some barely. He seems quite fond of these, nearly as much as his beard.


Retholien’s background:

Retholien was known to his fellow monks as “The Wraith” as he rarely spoke and seemingly drifted amongst them as might a shadow or wraith… Wraith didn’t mind this and he used it to his advantage to move amongst his peers with ambiguity. Everyone thought Wraith was a simpleton after all, and in many ways they were right. This wasn’t always the case, there was a time where he knew many things of moderate complexity. This was all before he was nearly killed by a cave-in where part of his skull was crushed and since then he had been changed. He saw the ways of the world clearly even if he did not necessarily understand their depth. Some things still came to him like his vocabulary (although it wasn’t unusual that he might use the wrong word for something.) He also hears at times a strong voiced woman who urges him to search for the lost tomes of knowledge that would be needed someday by the Falling Star Who Could Walk. His ambiguity spared him having to explain his random disappearances from the monastery and his odd mumblings and portents. It seems he has picked up a limited ability to see the future and this “skill” appears to be developing to a point where he might understand the visions. “Too bad I did not have this earlier, maybe I could have avoided the painful crushing of my head” he says to himself, chuckling over his little inside joke. But then he would think about the lady and her melodic voice urging him on and he knew that he would be sad if he did not have her in his life. Someday, the Falling Star Who Would Walk will need his assistance as well and he promised himself and the lady that he would not fail.

After a time, his collection had grown so large he decided he needed a safe place to store his acquired knowledge. After all, the people he would pass or meet were getting stranger each day. Fearful, suspicious, almost hateful at times. And being a Githzerai, many would give him look upon him as if he were true evil incarnate…troubled times indeed. Wraith wondered why people had changed and why some were this way and some were “normal” – although the strange far outnumbered the normal. The monastery seemed unaffected, so maybe Ioun had spared him and his fellow monks?

The lady’s voice led him to a remote cave, not too far from the monastery and within this cave, oddly dry, he was able to secure all the knowledge that he had been collecting for years. The Falling Star Who Could Walk will be quite happy, maybe even feel “at home” – haha, more jokes. Wraith funny…indeed.

Wraith wondered when the Falling Star Who Could Walk would appear in the night sky. His visions showed him the event, but not the timeframe. While he waited, he watched for this lady that some spoke of in hushed tones – some reverant, some spiteful. Somehow, he knew she would seek him out and maybe she know of Frockoocowalk? (Much easier and faster to say than Falling Star Who Could Walk!)

Wraith remembers the day she appeared to him, a matronly Githzerai with kind eyes and a gentle touch. Perhaps the mother he never know, perhaps not? In any case, she made him feel special and seen, something rarely know to Retholien. Wow! She even knew his real name! Mmmmmm… She said she saw the light of Ioun within him and she would teach him the ways to smite her enemies and heal her allies. He showed her his sliver and she knowingly caressed it and said that the gift was his alone and that this gave him a special link to Ioun that few shared – a divine link. Both he and Frockoocowalk had such links as well as Avala herself and they were extremely rare. He puzzled out loud when Frockoocowalk would arrive and she told him soon. She then left and promised to be back soon.

Soon after, a vision woke Wraith and he knew Frockoocowalk was soon to arrive. Rushing out of his secret cave, he was amazed at the Falling Star that blazed across the sky and disappeared over a nearby ridge. Rushing to the location of the landing, he found a large crater with an object inside that was moving groggily. The object resolved into a humanoid “rock man” and shortly after the creature saw him. Within Wraith’s head, a new voice spoke, somewhat alien yet familiar and apparently not surprised to see him. Avala introduced Frockoocowalk as “Erishti” and said that Wraith would now be in charge of protecting the somewhat fragile rock man and that he should take him to the secret cave so that Erishti could acclimate himself to his new surroundings and also to review the gathered knowledge that Wraith had so fervently gathered. Wraith was excited as he new that he had done well and that Erishti would be please. While Wraith did not understand many of the texts, etc. that he had found, he somehow seemed particularly attuned to any religious texts he found and was able to understand them with an ease unprecedented since his head injury. He also hoped Avala and Erishti would be pleased with this understanding.

And so Wraith’s story now intertwines with Erishti’s although he expects Erishti, or “Boss” as he now refers to him as (Erishti does not flow off the Githzerai tongue so well), would be able to tell a much more concise and accurate rendition of the occurrences up to the present time.

Wraith hovers about Erishti, protecting him as he might protect the knowledge that he has long sought all these years. Avala has told him that this is his quest and that the visions he has been seeing will become crucial in the matter in which future events will unfold. He must learn how to understand these visions as well as practice the ways of Zuoken so that he might better protect his liege and the knowledge they continue to gather.

Ioun would be pleased.

All praise Ioun.

We will not fail you.

Wish you were here…

  • Race: Vanquishers of Vecna
  • Class: Avenge thy Wounds
  • Paragon: Foreboding Visions
  • Epic: Doom Incarnate
  • Background: Mysterious Parentage
  • Alignment: Trust in Ioun
  • Personality Trait: Singularily (purposefully made up)
  • Relationship: Right away Boss!
  • Overall Theme: Knowledge my love!


1. How old are you?

Pretty old – hmmm, upwards of 50 nowadays I'd say.  (He seems to have forgotten exactly.)

2. Where did you grow up?

In the Githzerai monastery.

3. What did you do before you met Avala?

I collected knowledge for Ioun and the Falling Rock Who Could Walk – it was Avala's voice that guided me, so you can imagine my elation when I met the voice in my head, er, Avala.

4. Who was important to you before you met Avala?

Very few monks in the monastery. I’m pretty much a loner, or was before Avala recruited me for the cause. Now I have a bunch of friends who are as odd or more than I! Other than that, I don’t know who my parents were and no one will tell me :(

5. What is your true desire?

I am the Divine Protector of Knowledge – I live, breath and sleep texts of all ages and smite those who would possibly do harm to them.

6. What is your secret?

I have a very small sliver of Ioun, she has always been with me.

7. What is your question?

I don't question – that is for the Falling Rock Who Could Walk and Avala to do.

8. What is your fear?

That I will be unable someday soon to protect that which I love much.

9. What is your inspiration?

Ioun, Ioun…. did I say Ioun?

10. What else do I need to know about you?

I have discovered a text from the famed Githzerai Zuoken. I may look skinny and weak now, but someday soon I will show you the power of Ioun comes from the noggin’ not from the joggin’ (low chuckle.) And now I’m no longer hearing voices. I know Avala now! However, I’m seeing visions of places unknown, events unseen and dooms foretold…and I wonder where these come from if not from Avala? I’ll leave the thinking to Boss (Falling Rock Who Could Walk) and Avala!

Retholien "The Wraith"

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