Black Seas of Infinity

Session 3 - Graduation Day
A decade of training has led up to this day . . . will it be for naught?

Coming soon – July 10th!

Black Seas of Infinity – Session 3


“Graduation Day”

Session 2 - The Ripple Effect, Part Two
The cult has been scattered, its high priests brought low. But what of the essence of the Crushing Wave herself? Something massive has awoken in the frigid depths . . . can the barely-tested heroes stand against the awesome power of Solkara's scion?

Coming soon – June 26th!

Black Seas of Infinity – Session 2


“The Ripple Effect”

Part Two of Two

Session 1 - The Ripple Effect, Part One
The fragile peace of the World is threatened by the rise of a deranged cult empowered by the discovery of a buried fragment of one of the ancient primordial lords. Can the fledgling students of Avalokiteshvara put an end to this dark tide?

Session log coming soon! (Played on June 12th)

Black Seas of Infinity – Session 1


“The Ripple Effect”

Part One of Two


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