Black Seas of Infinity

A shattered universe, an incomprehensible void, an unspeakable fate, a desperate journey…

“We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.”
- H.P. Lovecraft

Black Seas of Infinity is a 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign that will span the paragon and epic tiers of play. The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic, shattered world version of the core 4E cosmology. The concept is 4E’s “Points of Light” but taken to an extreme, with an overwhelming amount of darkness and very little light, indeed. The main themes of the campaign will be Lovecraftian fantasy horror, dead gods, psionics, the Far Realm, aberrations, madness and insanity, mind control and enslavement, chaos and corruption, fate and destiny, secret knowledge, open exploration of vast extraplanar space, and magical flying ships.

The worlds and planes of the core setting have been destroyed by an immense, cosmos-spanning cataclysm. The war against the unimaginable alien overlords of the Far Realm has come and gone, and the forces of humanity, divinity, freedom and sanity lost.

The pantheons of deities which once ruled are no more. The gods are all dead, or warped into insane servants of the Elder Evils, but no longer holding any divine authority.

The chained primordials have been released, free to run amok or, again, bound into the helpless thralldom of the aberrant overlords of the Far Realm.

The worlds, even the planes themselves, have been torn asunder, shattered into an endless wild void of uncharted and largely uninhabitable magic, a few scant and ragged vestiges of former realms left to float, lost and adrift, in desolate isolation from one another.

The barriers which once held back the raw chaos and unthinkable madness of the infinite realm beyond the stars have been ripped wide open, allowing the corruption and horror that is inimical to any form of natural life or order to rush in like a flood, twisting, tainting, and unmaking everything built by gods and humans.

A multiverse which has been utterly demolished, leaving only scarce handfuls of sentient, sane, and free people, scattered across the face of countless tiny fragments of reality, unable to leave the dying little prisons that they cling to, their civilizations merely a memory, waiting for the final end to come to them all, at last. Every material world, and even the divine and elemental planes which once enveloped them, broken and mashed together into an impassable sea of death, a writhing, whirling storm of inhospitable and inscrutable energies.

And still, the destroyers hunt. The horrors roam this wasteland of sundered worlds, unfettered and relentless. Those who broke the cosmos slip and slither through its wreckage yet, seeking out every remaining tender morsel of mind, soul, and flesh to devour, until finally they have stilled the pulse of humanity for good.

There are no more heroes, no more kings or empires, no cities, no far-reaching organizations, no centers of commerce or knowledge, no great champions, protectors, or even deities to turn to for succor. The sentient races have lost, they are undone, and the minuscule remnant who survive have no future, no true world to rebuild upon, no means of crossing the chaotic vastness surrounding them, no way even to contact one another. There is nothing left for them but to cower upon their miserable, crumbling islands of solidity and wait to die.

Yet, even amidst the bleak ashes of a once-vibrant universe, the seeds of destiny may take root. A spark of possibility may yet be found, and, blown into flame by the indomitable will of a handful of free-minded souls, re-ignite the fires of hope and spread that flickering light throughout an ocean of darkness.

Will humanity rise again?

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Black Seas of Infinity

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