Legend of the Song of Souls

When the worlds broke, even the Elders could not stand. The shards and bits of planes were not enough to keep them alive, and most of the younger spirits died immediately. Some of the Elders turned into crazed primal spirits, manifesting into earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions and the worlds broke even further. Monster Slayers, Great Bear, Primal Beast, Stormhawk and others joined with the gods to fight – and also shared their fate – destroyed or lost in gibbering madness and disconnection as the Wyrd grew and separated all the people.

Yet, as is the nature of the primal force, a new Elder was born. It flowed in and through all living things, gave them voice, celebrated the delicate morsel that the invaders most craved – the soul. Faint and distant, imperceptible to almost all peoples, it sang of life and joy and connection. Celebrated the little that was left. And, beneath it all, yearned for the Elders to return – sought them in the winds and waters.

From the sound of the song, smaller primal spirits began to reform, in vestiges of the old sacred places. At times, there were traces of the Elders, incoherent or too shattered to communicate. Song of Souls sought to find them still, celebrating all the while the life that still existed, and still, mourning the loss of what was.

As the search continued, and the young spirits came and went (as is their way), Song of Souls became aware of a strange harmony within and outside of itself. For years it listened to this other song, curious, fascinated, mesmerized. Was this a new song? A lover? An Elder?

Then, in the quiet between seasons, when the wind had hushed across all the shards and the stars stopped moving before breath, the harmony became clear. The Song of Wyrd. Within and through and outside and inside Song of Souls, sang Song of the Wyrd.

- written by Ephraim

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Legend of the Song of Souls

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