Blessed with a psionic gift protecting friends and allies from the twisting influence of the Far Realms, Vaelan is equally skilled at songcraft and swordplay.

Vaelan Azimere
  • Half-Elf Level 10
  • Ardent (Mantle of Clarity)/Bard (Virtue of Cunning)
  • Multiclass Warlord
  • Paragon Paths: Argent Soul/Summer Rhymer
  • Epic Destinys: Demigod, Legendary General

Background: Occupation – Entertainer (+2 History)

  • S: 10 C:16 D:8 I: 17 W:14 Ch:20
  • AC: 27; F: 22; R: 22; W: 24
  • HP: 73; Surges: 10; Surge Value: 18
SKILLS (trained):
  • Arcana: 13
  • Athletics: 9
  • Bluff: 15
  • Diplomacy: 17
  • Endurance: 15
  • Heal: 12
  • History: 15
  • Insight: 14
  • Nature: 12
  • Perception: 12
  • Religion: 13
SKILLS (untrained):
  • Acrobatics: 4
  • Dungeoneering: 8
  • Intimidate: 11
  • Stealth: 4
  • Streetwise: 11
  • Thievery: 4


  • Bard: Ritual Caster
  • Human: Vistani Heritage
  • Multiclass: Skirmishing Leader
  • Level 1: Advantage of Cunning
  • Level 2: White Lotus Riposte
  • Level 3: Vistani Healer
  • Level 4: Combat Virtuoso
  • Level 5: Guiding Step
  • Level 6: Versatile Expertise
  • Level 7: Improved Majestic Word
  • Level 8: Acolyte Power
  • Level 9: Saving Breath
  • Level 10: Adept Power
  • Ardent at-will 1: Energizing Strike
  • Ardent at-will 1: Ire Strike
  • Ardent at-will (human): Demoralizing Strike
  • Ardent daily 1: Mental Turmoil
  • Ardent utility 2: Dimension Swap
  • Ardent at-will 3: Unnerving Shove
  • Ardent daily 5: Fate Exchange
  • Ardent utility 6: Physician’s Care
  • Ardent at-will 7: Rewarding Strike
  • Ardent daily 9: Feast of Plenty
  • Ardent utility 10: From the Brink (retrained to Stand Tough at Acolyte Power)
  • Bard at-will 1: Staggering Note
  • Bard at-will 1: War Song Strike
  • Bard at-will (Human): Misdirected Mark
  • Dilettante: Eldritch Strike
  • Bard encounter 1: Shout of Triumph
  • Bard daily 1: Sprightly Rhythm
  • Bard utility 2: Moment of Escape
  • Bard encounter 3: Impelling Force
  • Bard daily 5: Satire of Bravery
  • Bard utility 6: Allegro
  • Bard encounter 7: Drums of the Wild Hunt
  • Bard daily 9: Rain of Starlight (retrained to Stand the Fallen at Adept Power)
  • Bard utility 10: Illusory Erasure

Items: Harsh Songblade +2; Dwarven Braidmail +3; Battleforged Shield, etc.

Rituals: etc, etc…


Vaelan lived among the Vistani, a traveling people who obeyed no rules or boundaries but their own. In fact, legend held that Vistani voyages once took them beyond the World, to spaces between spaces unknown in the current age. Unlike most of their kin, who had made homes in cities of the World, the Vistani knew no home save their wagons and families. Vaelan grew up in such a community, steeped in tradition of song, dance, and powerful rituals. Though outsiders found the Vistani odd, and looked down on them, they were a close-knit community that knew little but joy and fellowship. Traveling as they did, word of the Lady of the Wyrd came to the Vistani in snatches of rumor only when they came across others with stories to share. These stories were discounted – if the Vistani could no longer travel beyond the World, surely no one else could either. But, when the madness finally came, Vistani pride was not enough to protect the caravans. Fellowship turned to suspicion, dances to fights, and stories to accusations. Vaelan watched in horror as his family, always wary of the outside world and city-dwellers, became consumed with paranoia. A grandson of Madam Yvette, the matriarch of his people, he had been trained to lead and to rouse the spirits of his fellow Vistani through song and story. But even his skills were not enough to turn away the strange affliction – and when suspicion began to turn against him he ceased his efforts. He then tried merely to survive amongst the others until the Lady of the Wyrd came to see him.

1: age: Vaelan is around 24, having been young when the trouble started. Young enough to feel helpless about it, at any rate. The Vistani didn’t keep the best calendars, so exact age can be difficult to say with certainty.

2: Home: Vaelan grew up with the Vistani caravans – so home was transitory, but was anywhere in the world the Vistani felt like traveling to. The Vistani kept on the move as many villages didn’t like them hanging out for very long due to old prejudices and misconceptions.

3: History/Family: Being a grandson of the matriarch didn’t afford Vaelan any advantages, as the Vistani eschew concepts of entitlement. But he was trained from a young age to guide others and to fortify their resolve through tales and music. When things started to go badly, he tried to perform this function without success, until he realized it only made the others suspicious of him.

4: Important Person: The Vistani were a close knit group, a family in spirit if not always by blood. Every member was special and important. But Vaelan had the greatest connection to his grandmother, who told him all of the best stories and, somewhat unconventionally, showed him some Vistani rituals at a younger age than some would think appropriate. She told him that someday all the secrets of her rituals would be his. Perhaps she saw some need of these in his future? It is often rumored among outsiders, and held as fact among the Vistani, that through reading of the cards or divinations the future can be discerned. Maybe she saw something in his destiny that warranted this early exposure.

5: Misses/Wishes: Vaelan misses the sounds of music and laughter, the joys of dancing, and the companionship of his extended family. Vistani are outsiders among the other cultures, and he never envisioned interacting extensively with those others, much less relying upon them. He wants to see the Vistani, and all peoples, restored to their carefree ways, and for the suspicions and insanity to be undone.

6: The Truth? Vaelan hides a shameful secret, one that torments him. When Vaelan prepared to leave the Vistani he sought out his grandmother’s ritual books for his journey. She was waiting for him. Years ago she’d seen that he would one day require them, and had been waiting for that time. But now she was changed by the madness, and called him a thief. Where once she’d seen him as a hope for the Vistani, she now saw him as a traitor. As an agent of outsiders trying to steal from the Vistani. She struggled with him for the books, attempting to strangle him, and in a moment of desperation Vaelan shoved her back. She struck her head on one of the many shelves inside her wagon, falling to the ground with a cry. The shelf collapsed on top of her. Vaelan went to check on her, but paused. Someone would have heard the commotion, and she could be shamming. She had already tried to kill him, he needed to get away. He fled that night, leaving the Vistani behind, wondering if his grandmother had survived. But secretly believing, in his heart, that he had murdered the woman who helped raise him.

7. Questions: Vaelan has often wondered what happens beyond death. Many of the Vistani believe time is just another journey. Life is like a wagon wheel, and years are like its spokes – turning and turning. Until, having completed a cycle, they turn round again from the beginning. He knows Avala has lived many lives, and among his grandmother’s rituals are some that can return breath to the departed. Could he have saved his grandmother if he hadn’t panicked? Or is what lies beyond death peaceful – a state to be desired? He has held back from asking, not wanting the others to discover his guilt.

8. Fears: Sometimes Vaelan feared that the Vistani were not losing themselves – but gaining something else. Something horrible that saw the world through their eyes and wore their faces, but lacked their humanity. Since he fled the Vistani, he has seen his grandmother’s face in his dreams. At first her visage is smiling and kind, but it changes. Her eyes narrow, her smile becomes a grimace. Her eyes blaze with hate. Then, her skin blackens and bloats, sloughing away – flesh rotting off a corpse. But in the dreams there is something beneath that flimsy layer of flesh – something awful shining through with a sickly, faint radiance. Not his grandmother, not her spirit, but something vile. In the years since he started dreaming of her, she has slowly come closer and closer. First, on the horizon – just a shape. Then, in later dreams, appearing closer. More recently, closer still, so close he can smell the decay and the wrongness bleeding off of her. He’s awoken with that stench in his nostrils, lingering with him on some days for hours after awakening. And still, she comes closer. Avala has taught him to shield his fellows and himself, leaving him to wonder whether the dreams are a product of guilt, or if his defenses are somehow weakened. His guilt, and desire to hide the events of that fateful night in Madam Yvette’s wagon, cause him to keep his dreams and worries a secret.

9. Motivation: Vaelan’s grandmother once saw that he had an important destiny, and that drives him. In those days, when she was still wise and kind, she guided him down a path that would one day lead him to this spot. He wants to fulfill that destiny, whatever it is, and fix the wrongs that have been inflicted upon the World if at all possible. And, perhaps, to one day revisit the Vistani – hoping to find them returned to their former selves and his grandmother alive and well, proving all the years of guilt and bad dreams had been just that – the products of a guilty conscience. And with that knowledge, an end to the dreams; before his grandmother’s corpse finally stands before him face to face, so close she can touch him, and the horror causes his mind to snap like the rest of the Vistani.

10. Etc: Vaelan is driven to protect others – having lost others important to him, he doesn’t want to fail anyone else. And, in helping others, perhaps relieve his burden of private shame.

Race: Half-Elf (Vistani Heritage) Class: Bard/Ardent Paragon Path: Argent Soul/Summer Rhymer Epic Destiny: Legendary General Alignment: Good

  • Race: Cast Out from the Outcasts
  • Class: Music and Mayhem
  • Paragon Path: Mover and Shaker
  • Epic Destiny: Master of the Surveyed
  • Background: Fool of Fate
  • Alignment: He Seemed Like Such a Nice Boy
  • Personality Trait: Diplomacy is as Diplomacy Does
  • Relationship: The Walker in Nightmares
  • Overall Theme: From Chaos, Order
  • Buried Secrets
  • Broken Wheels, Painted Wagons
  • When Time Rolls ‘Round


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