Grognar isn’t exactly what one might call sane any longer, having been transformed from a glorious Minotaur into an undead abomination. A terrifying ghostly assassin in battle, vengeance is all he seeks now.


Grognar, level 10

Revenant, Rogue|Monk Assassin / Warlock

Paragon Paths
  • Ghostwalker (Monk)
  • Obsidian Stalker (Assassin)
Planned Epic Destiny
  • Dark Wanderer (Rogue)
  • Night Stalker
  • Assassin Guild Training Night Stalker
  • Monastic Tradition (Hybrid): Centered Breath
  • Hybrid Monk: Hybrid Monk Reflex
  • Hybrid Talent: Rogue Tactics
  • Rogue Tactics (Hybrid): Cunning Sneak
  • Pact Initiate: Pact Initiate (fey pact)
  • Choose your Race in Life: Minotaur
  • Background: Minotaur – Baphomet Clan Exile (+2 to Stealth)
  • Str 11
  • Con 13
  • Dex 23
  • Int 9
  • Wis 14
  • Cha 17
  • Str 10, Con 10, Dex 18, Int 8, Wis 11, Cha 14, Revenant +2 Dex, +2 Con; Human +2 Wis
  • AC: 26
  • Fort: 19
  • Reflex: 26
  • Will: 21
  • HP: 75
  • Surge Value: 18
  • Surges: 7
  • Initiative: +11
  • Immune to Disease (Resilience of Death)
  • Resist 10 Poison (Resilience of Death)
  • Resist 10 Necrotic (Reaper’s Resistance)
  • Acrobatics +16
  • Athletics +10
  • Bluff + 13
  • Dungeoneering + 11
  • Endurance +13
  • Heal + 11
  • Intimidate + 15
  • Perception + 11
  • Stealth +23
  • Streetwise + 13
  • Thievery +16
  • Arcana +4
  • Diplomacy +8
  • History +4
  • Insight +6
  • Nature +6
  • Religion +4
  • Human 0: Swift Footwork
  • Level 0: Pact Initiate (Warlock)
  • Level 1: Cursed Shadow
  • Level 2: Hybrid Talent (Cunning Sneak)
  • Level 3: Risky Shift
  • Level 4: Death’s Blessing
  • Level 5: Resilience of Death Skill Focus (Stealth)
  • Level 6: Reaper’s Resistance
  • Level 7: Versatile Expertise (Light Blade, Ki Focus)
  • Level 8: Hidden Insight
  • Level 9: Killer’s Insight
  • Level 10: Grave Dust Assassin
  • Level 11: Thin the Herd
  • Assassin at-will 1: Executioner’s Noose
  • Assassin at-will 1: Inescapable Blade
  • Assassin encounter 1: Shadow Darts
  • Assassin daily 1: Targeted for Death
  • Assassin utility 2: Shadowed Legion
  • Assassin encounter 3: Inescapable Shadow
  • Assassin daily 5: Twilight Assassin
  • Assassin utility 6: Darting Shadow
  • Assassin encounter 7: Captured Shadow
  • Assassin daily 9: Wall of Shadows
  • Assassin utility 10: Slayer’s Endurance
  • Hybrid at-will 1: Deft Strike
  • Hybrid at-will 1: Five Storms
  • Hybrid encounter 1: Rising Storm
  • Hybrid daily 1: Whirling Mantis Step
  • Hybrid utility 2: Sneak in the Attack
  • Hybrid encounter 3: Fleeting Spirit Strike
  • Hybrid daily 5: Mocking Strike
  • Hybrid utility 6: Purifying Meditation
  • Hybrid encounter 7: From the Shadows
  • Hybrid daily 9: Knockout
  • Hybrid utility 10: Spider Technique
  • Human at-will 1: Shadow Storm (Assassin)
  • Human at-will 2: Sly Flourish (Rogue)
  • Warlock encounter 1: Eyebite
  • Shadowflow Drowmesh +3
  • Shadowdancer’s Gloves (paragon tier)
  • Boots of Stealth (heroic tier)
  • Short sword +3
  • Ki Dagger +1
  • Iron Armbands of Power (heroic tier)
  • Backpack (empty)
  • Bedroll
  • Belt Pouch (empty)
  • Disguise Kit
  • Eternal Chalk (heroic tier)
  • Flint and Steel
  • Glass Cutter
  • Oil (1 pint) (9)
  • Silk Rope (50 ft.) (2)
  • Tent
  • Thieves’ Tools
  • Woundstitch Powder (heroic tier)
  • 2177 Gold (as gems)

Down, down he fell.

Down, down, in the endless black pit, he plummeted.

Leaping over the hated phalanx warriors to sever the head of the foul goblin cleric and then charge hornfirst into the enemy to take them down one by one. Memories of his last mighty swing still fresh in his mind – the blood gushing from the severed goblin head and washing over him, the warriors turning to face him, alone, with his companions bleeding, unconscious or dead at his feet.

Down, down…

What is this place? Had he fallen down the staircase into some sort of bottomless pit? Was he being tormented by some goblin-spawned evil?

They will pay. He will get out of this dream, or nightmare, or whatever it is. Any creature that so much as smells like a goblin or looks like a warrior in formation will pay dearly. One by one they will suffer, oh yes. He felt for his weapon but it was not at his side. Lost forever, perhaps. No matter. He would use his claws and horns if need be.

What is that? A tiny light! Rushing toward it, down, down—soon, vengeance would be his, in whatever form it might take.

Grinning like a fool, he did not notice the hard surface rushing up to greet him hungrily. The fall felt pleasant enough, but the sudden stop ended everything.

Once again, blackness, but it lasted for a very long and indeterminate time.

Finally, light returned. The endless descent was over. Memories shaken, intermingled with new thoughts, a new form and skills, but his burning vengeance remained. His former indestructible fortitude – gone. His glorious horns – gone! Grognar would seek retribution for whatever had done this to him. They would pay dearly, indeed….


  • You Only Live Twice
  • On A Pale Horse
Paragon Path
  • No Castle Is Safe
Epic Destiny
  • You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide
  • Outcast of Baphomet
  • Vengeance Above All Else
Personality Trait
  • Cold-Blooded Killer
  • Avala Is My Shepherd
Overall Theme
  • A Knife In The Dark
  • From Hell’s Heart, I Stab At Thee
  • Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold
  • Nothing Left To Lose


How old are you?
  • Grognar was only 24 when he died the first time, and does not know how old he is now. Many years, even decades, could have passed while he fell through the endless night. Dying, being raised by Avala through her rituals, and dying again in the process, he has no sense of time.
Where did you grow up?
  • Grognar grew up with other Minotaurs in a proud clan of Baphomet followers in a place not of the World. Upon coming of age, however, he was chosen to be sacrificed to Baphomet, to have his still-beating heart ripped from his chest and offered up to grant power to the tribe. Terrified, he refused, and was branded a coward and banished forever from his tribal homeland. Alone, he struck out to find companions who did not know of his past, who would take him in as an equal, and with whom he could seek the adventure and glory befitting of any Minotaur. Following his death, he found himself in the World, but not on it, wandering aimlessly as a spirit, half alive and yet not living. Avala brought him back from this limbo-like existence with a powerful ritual, but he did not survive the experience, dying yet again to be reborn as a fully undead Revenant.
What did you do before you met Avala?
  • He came to adventure, and a proud death at the hands of foul goblins and disciplined phalanx warriors. He swore vengeance upon them and their kind as he saw his companions fall one by one, and then he, too, perished.
Who was important to you before you met Avala?
  • He respected his tribal shaman, Goeban, who did terrible things but always with a greater purpose.
What is your true desire?
  • To display his bravery by acting without any thought for his own safety, to prove beyond any doubt (mostly to himself) that he really is a fearless warrior.
What is your secret?
  • At his core, Grognar truly is a coward. He fled his tribe rather than bravely sacrificing himself to Baphomet for the greater good of the clan, and even now strikes from the shadows instead of meeting his enemies head-on.
What is your question?
  • Did Baphomet bring him to a grisly end because he fled his intended fate? Is he living in reality, or is all of this a hellspawned nightmare, a fabrication of Baphomet’s twisted sense of humor?
What is your fear?
  • That his companions will discover his background, brand him a coward yet again and drive him from their midst.
What is your inspiration?
  • Avala, who has faced her nightmares with dignity, willing to sacrifice herself in a way he could not, is a stark reminder of what he strives to be. Perhaps through her example, he can learn to stand up to his past, bury it, and move on to become something more.
What else do I need to know about you?
  • While shrouded in secrecy, hiding in the shadows, Grognar is a brutal avatar of death, a knife in the dark, the bringer of cold embrace to his enemies. He is becoming more undead as each day passes, not just hiding in the shadows but living in them, reveling in their beauty. His enemies would be wise to fear their own shadows, as they might find Grognar lurking there….


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