Ascended deva, former exarch of Ioun, wearer of ten thousand faces, beloved mentor and guide.


Avalokiteshvara, called by her friends Avala, appears in countless forms. There is little that she has not experienced, rare are the paths that she has not trod, and few indeed are the vocations that she has not mastered.

She has lived many thousands of lives, from the very dawn of creation to its tragic downfall and beyond, and she remembers them all. Vast knowledge and wisdom are hers to share, and her compassion for humanity is nearly infinite.

She has chosen her final students, and done all within her power to empower and prepare them for what is to come. Her only hope is that her dear ones are truly ready to embrace their destiny, and that it is not too late…



Avala’s most preferred form, her final incarnation before ascension:

Avalokiteshvara - Main

Avala is not merely one person, but many, wearing endless faces. They are the forms of her thousands of past incarnations, both Deva and every other human race. These are some of her favorite Deva personas:

Avala - Alt 4

Avala - Alt 1

Avala - Alt 3

Avala - Alt 2

Avala - Alt 5

Avala - Alt 6


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